What WE DO

Planning and Meetings  

The most essential path to a successful event.....planning. On-site, via telephone - these pre-event sessions are critical.

Timeline/Critical Task Calendar 

A second critical piece to the event planning process, a timeline/calendar is developed in association with your leadership, Board and team members. Volunteer recruitment, social media development, permits, website/marketing plans, managing service providers are examples of event functions that need to be detailed and determined who is responsible.

Jurisdictional and City Works Interaction/Permits 

We will identify, complete, and submit all required city, state, county and federal agency permits. This includes proactive communication concerning the event scope and plan and coordinating site visits/meetings with agencies very early in the planning process. 

Temporary Event Labor Procurement and Management             

We will identify,  and contract,  key independent contractor positions. Our network is a qualified and highly motivated team to insure highest caliber execution in event set-up and event day management. We will provide an Organizational Chart, that details tasks, duties and responsibilities of each member of the BlueWolf Events team.

Service Providers and Vendors                                                                 

We will develop materials list, request bids and secure event related materials from various vendors, including but not limited to traffic control devices, barricade fencing, timing/scoring services, food and beverage, tents/table/chairs, communications/radios, course measurement/certification, maps, chemical toilets, and medical services.  Act as point of contact, insuring delivery and placement, and accurate/timely processing of vendor payments.

The TWO P's:


Complete and submit any and all pre-event permits with appropriate agencies – city, state and/or federal.
Develop event schedule that creates an efficient use of resources and minimizes community impacts (where applicable).
Develop a comprehensive Volunteer Matrix that encompasses all aspects of the event. Plan, develop and lead the Volunteer Training Session. Training of event volunteers is critical to the success of any event.

Develop any course nutrition needs (food, water and electrolyte), and potential sponsor opportunities.

Review course route prior to event to identify any potential safety issues. Communicate those to appropriate agencies.
Develop comprehensive trash/recycling plan for the entire event - being "green"is part of the BlueWolf Events mission statement.

Coordinate delivery schedule of all event related supplies - everything we need to make a great event!
Coordinate with timing/scoring services to produce event results in a timely and accurate fashion. Develop, and coordinate an Event Sound Production plan that encompasses the entire event venue area.
Identify, recruit, and coordinate local amateur radio operators, and other communication organizations.


We professionally manage and execute, all aspects of the event. 

Sponsor/partner activation is critical to an event's long term success - through ROI (Return on Investment). We will coordinate signage/banner needs and related activation activities with your key partners and sponsors.  Create and implement transportation plan (buses) for site movement of participants and/or spectators.   Work with event staff and vendor on ordering, setting up, and removing portable chemical toilets and/or shower trailers. Assist event staff with stage and sound coordination on site at any/all event locations.   Manage on-course operations to insure participant safety and satisfaction - participant retention is our job. Experienced coordination of Public Safety (Police/Fire/EMS) personnel to insure participants and spectators are safe.                

Execute course preparation in accordance with any and all agency permitting and/or specific neighborhood/venue requirements. Develop and submit a supply list for all rest stops, finish line and start line areas, lunch tents (Gran Fondo/Centuries) Advise on other services, which may make the event run more efficiently from both a logistic and budget perspective. Identify electrical needs and determine generator needs; contract generators, work on set up and placement of generators.   Oversee all event production and logistics and related subcontractors.

Bluewolf Events